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American Standard MANUAL DIAPHRAGM FV Ultima™ Manual Urinal Flush Valve, Diaphragm-Type, 0.125 gpf/0.5 Lpf



Since 1997

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  • For urinals with 3/4-inch (19 mm) exposed top spud
  • Exclusive DynaClean® self-cleaning wiper spring technology

The Ultima Diaphragm Flush Valve from American Standard is engineered to deliver superior performance and reliability with less maintenance, saving time and money. It features DynaClean, a self-cleaning technology with exclusive wiper spring positioned at the orifice where clogs form. The wiper spring eliminates build-up by clearing the refill orifice with every flush, preventing valve run-on and water waste. Combined with the superior quality and durability of the premium, chlorine-resistant EvoLast diaphragm material, the Ultima Diaphragm Flush Valve delivers consistent performance while resisting premature deterioration and failure. DynaClean and EvoLast are especially beneficial in areas with poor water quality and high chlorination. The complete Ultima Flush Valve is interchangeable with most piston and diaphragm flush valves. The Ultima diaphragm assembly can be installed in place of diaphragm flush valves from major manufacturers, improving performance and reliability.


  • For urinals with 3/4-inch (19 mm) exposed top spud
  • Exclusive DynaClean® self-cleaning wiper spring technology
  • Integral wiper spring cleans refill orifice with every flush to help prevent valve run-on
  • EvoLast® premium chlorine- and chloramine-resistant diaphragm material resists premature deterioration and failure
  • ADA-compliant non-hold open handle provides automatic shut-off after every flush
  • Proprietary brass alloy resists dezincification
  • High back pressure vacuum breaker helps prevent dripping
  • Can be install left- or right-handed
  • 11-1/2″ (292 mm) rough-in

ADA Compliant

Meets the Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines and ANSI A117.1 requirements for accessible and usable building facilities – check local codes.


CEC Certified

Meets California Energy Commission requirements.



WaterSense® Certified. Meets all ANSI/ASME low consumption, water conservation requirements.